This is the return of hand crafted, the re-connection to the physical, and the sharing of stories and skills.
This is where tradition is rejuvenated. This is the age of the Modern Maker.

In a world ruled by the digital, it is easy to forget the feeling of pride and satisfaction of physically creating something beautiful and functional.

Pull the Wool aims to take you out of the digital and back into the tactile - to pass on knowledge and connect people with shared creative interests and skills, across all ages and cultures.

Our contemporary knitting kits embody our values of creativity, community, quality and simple style.

In each kit you’ll find:

  • Simple, stylish and easy to follow patterns
  • Luxurious, soft, single spun and 100% Merino Woolly Mammoth yarn
  • Beautifully crafted Jacaranda wood knitting needles
  • Extra video tutorials on our website
We believe in using local suppliers to support our country's burgeoning creative entrepreneurs and manufacturers, from one Modern Maker to another.